Troy A. Miller : Filmmaker, Digital Editor, Writer, Actor
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Demo Reel: Below is a demo that highlights Troy's work as a film and video producer, director, and post production specialist. All projects were edited using Final Cut Pro, sound mixing with Pro Tools, and video effects using Adobe After Effects. Demo is 4 minutes, 25 seconds.


1. Acting Resume: click for pdf
2. Headshots:click on each image for a larger size
  photo photo
3. Voice Acting Samples: click on the links below to hear sample audio clips. The 2 anime clips have corresponding movie files (Quicktime format). All voices on all tracks performed by Troy A. Miller.
  Road Runner Radio Ad
  Geiko Radio Ad
  Tylenol Radio Ad      
  Foreign Accents      
  "Robotech" Anime Clip 1: AUDIO only     VIDEO for Anime Clip 1
  "Robotech" Anime Clip 2: AUDIO only     VIDEO for Anime Clip 2