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Principal Photography
What is super16mm?
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Principal Photography

This is the period during which the movie was actually photographed. It began on July 13th, 2002, and continued for six weeks until August 26th. Production took place Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, with some scattered half-days during the remainder of the weeks, for a total approximate shooting schedule of 29 days. The film was shot on location throughout Austin, Texas, on black and white super16mm film.

What is super16mm?

Super16mm is film where the individual cells of the filmstrip are wider than on regular 16mm--"super" indicates that only one side of the filmstrip has been sprocketed (normally both sides are). The sprockets are what the camera uses to pull the filmstrip through the filmgate, where the shutter opens and the film cell is exposed to light, producing the image. With "super" film, by taking away one set of sprockets, the filmstrip is left with more horizontal space on which to expose an image. Whereas the aspect ratio (width to height of a film cell) of regular 16mm is 1.33 to 1, super16mm has an aspect ratio of 1.66 to 1.

Why is this desirable? Because if a distributor wanted to screen the movie theatrically, the film would need to be enlarged to 35mm. 35mm film has an aspect ratio of 1.85 to 1. So, a super16mm film cell (1.66 to 1) enlarged to fit a 35mm film cell would require less enlargement and subsequently less cropping of the image than a regular 16mm cell (1.33 to 1) would to make it fit. In essence, the audience could see more of what the filmmaker intended, without losing as much image quality. Thus, by shooting in super16 over regular 16, "Severance" becomes more of an attractive prospect for theatrical distribution. Other major motion pictures in recent years shot in super16mm and transferred to 35mm for theatrical release include "Leaving Las Vegas", "Ulee's Gold", and "Chasing Amy".


This is the period during which the film is edited. This process began in June of 2003, and ended in July of 2005.


Ultimately, all filmmakers hope their film gets some kind of distribution, which is the process of getting it seen by various audiences for profit. Sparadigm Cinema hopes to secure a distribution deal by getting the film seen at key U.S. film festivals, as well as getting it into the hands of key individuals at various production/distribution companies with which we have connections. Ideally, we would like to see "Severance" screen theatrically, opening first at arthouse cinemas and then gaining wider release. Secondarily, we would entertain cable/satelite markets, as well as a straight to video/dvd deal.

Key film festivals that have been targeted are Austin Film Festival, U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, New York Underground Film Festival, Sundance, Slamdance, as well as perhaps a dozen others.


The following is a list of the talented, hard-working individuals who comprised the crew of "Severance". Without them, there would be no movie.

Writer/Director/Producer Troy Anthony Miller
Executive Producers Willard Miller
  Victor Cachia
Producers Chris Keyland
Melissa Trompeter
Director of Photography Levy Castleberry
Production Designer David Moreau
Music Composer Pat Murray
Sound Mixer Blayne Gorum
Line Producer Melissa Trompeter
Production Coordinator Sarah Howell
Production Consultant Renetta Amador
Associate Producers Khrysten Williams
    Robert Ballard
Ann Downing
Gloria Bankler
1st Assistant Director Johnny Bartee
Editor Troy Anthony Miller
1st Assistant Camera Angel Grenados
2nd Assistant Camera Matt Egan
2nd Unit Director of Photography Helena Wei
Script Supervisors Sabrina Vela
Santiago Olano
Salina Vela
Makeup Artists Cher Young
Sarah Howell
Emily Collins
Lisa Honnefeld
Makeup Consultant Joanna Gallager
Set Decorators Cher Young
Cari Gerraughty
Sarah Howell
Beth Gosnell
Boom Operators Santiago Olano
Sabrina Vela
  Terry Beck
2nd Unit Sound Mixer Andy Olson
Gaffer Levy Castleberry
Key Grip Matt Egan
Grips/Electricians Terry Beck
Benjamin Hayes
Mike Blair
Julien Leal
Travis McHam
Phil Hall
  Justin Spence
  Eugenio DelBosque
Production Assistants Vira Chay
Chris Cantu
Joe Weaver
Todd Bailey
Pamela Cardenas
Jay Hodges
Mark Siplovid
Josh Knowles
Caroline Duncan
Chris Shephard
Keith McKay


The following are the very talented comedic actors and extras who brought the story to life, including many members of the Heroes of Comedy improvisational comedy troupe:

Steve Saddleman Troy Anthony Miller
Zach Brian Hecker
Jennifer   Lauren Zinn
Justin Todd Tatom
Clyde Buxler Jules Loth
Jean   Amy McClellan
Larry Bryan Kent
Jim Sean Hill
Betty Adele Coles
Bill Carlson (voice)   Chris Allen
Cop with Camera Mark Lit
Cop with Phone Ted Rutherford
David Peters Garry Peters
Drunk Bum Phil O'Hern
Bum w/Newspaper Chad Nichols
Bum w/Glasses Buzz Moran
Bum w/Gloves Shannon McCormick
Cindy Emily Roberts
Sheila Safia Gray
Therapy Group Leader Jay Michael
Sally Porter Shana Merlin
Nebulon Proposal Team Deneen Frazier
Kevin Miller
Tom Procida
Stephanie Dennis
The Waitress Madeline Lavrentjev
Sheila's Lover Christopher Cole Denman
Hair Stylist #1 Valerie McIntyre
Hair Stylist #2   Elizabeth Withey
Steve's Fantasy Girls Michelle Mika
    Lauren Morrow
Featured Extras    
At the Hideout...    
Woman with Book Pamela Cardenas
Muffin Man Marc-David Seidel
Killer Ape Bob Apthorpe

Keep checking back for even more info about the production of "Severance", including a list of all vendors, locations, individuals and organizations to whom we are indebted, cast bios, related web links, production journals, storyboards, trivia and more.