..."Severance" Media...

Two video clips, as well as a selection of production stills.

I. Video

Take a peek at "Severance" with either the Trailer or the Short Scene . These clips are optimized for cable/dsl or better speed internet connections. Click on the image below to begin viewing the clip in your browser. If you do not have the latest Quicktime player, it is available at www.quicktime.com. NOTE: the video clip will download in its entirety to your hard drive. If it does not play while downloading, you should be able to open and play it from your hard drive using any media player that supports Quicktime.
      SHORT SCENE SET-UP: Steve's best friend Zach has brought him to a special place for his 30th birthday. Earlier in the morning, Steve's supervisor had called him to tell him that even though he had originally given Steve the day off, he now needs Steve to come in and give a presentation. Groggy and frustrated, Steve is not in the best of moods. And above all, he cannot be late for this meeting.  

II. Image Gallery

A selection of stills from the movie, both behind and in the scenes. Click on the image to see a larger version with more info.
On location outside of Steve's house
Steve contemplates reality with the girls from his fantasy
Jean, the secretary
Levy Castleberry, Cinematographer
Steve Saddleman, hero
Jennifer, Steve's object of desire
Jim, Steve's boss, gives Steve the key to his freedom
On location at the Hideout